Atlanta Cosmopolitan is a digital entertainment platform that exists to provide exposure of exceptional indie music artists and visionaries worldwide.  The concept is simple and centered solely on independent artist empowerment.  Atlanta Cosmopolitan was created by Monique DeNiro, the owner of Moe DeNiro Media in 2016.  The publication was created to explore a vast sea of undiscovered talent around the world. Voices and dreams who deserve to be seen and heard.  The mission of Atlanta Cosmopolitan is to create a global universal audience for these phenomenal universal talents. 

Atlanta Cosmopolitan is here to establish a new precedent in global music, fashion and entertainment culture that promotes knowledge through independence and self-worth first.  We believe that once a seed of artistry is cultivated properly, it begins to grow and thrive allowing artists the opportunity to grow into successful artists and entrepreneurs.


Atlanta Cosmopolitan is different for many reasons.  Each interview is personalized.  We take pride in knowing who it is we are interviewing. It is important that the interview is about more than just what their gift is. We focus on the whole person.  We will always keep our interviews 100% genuine.  Authenticity is a necessary requirement to be featured.  We represent a wide body of music, art, fashion and entertainment, but we look for fresh and organic material. The goal is to inspire or motivate our core audience.  The world is just a click away and our reputation is as much on the line as it is for the artists we select for publication.

Atlanta Cosmopolitan respects that artist development is a process and that there are many layers to that process. Our interview questions and techniques allow us to select the best attributes of that artist and create a dynamic article about them. The goal is definitely to get to the core of who that artist is. For us, that artist is a person first and we will always care about them long after the interview is over.   

Atlanta Cosmopolitan is always interested in partnering with other businesses and brands that promote positive images in the music, arts, entertainment and fashion industry. We look forward to working with indie and commercial record labels, fashion and film professionals and ground breaking entrepreneurs.  We are always looking for dedicated artist managers and promoters to add to our growing directory.  Networking and building bridges for independent artists is essential to our brand and vision. Our philosophy for  success is  very simple:

"Let Each One Teach One and we will all make it one goal and one dream at a time.”

To reach Atlanta Cosmopolitan for interviews, music panels, marketing, advertisements or networking opportunities, please inquire at:

Atlanta Cosmopolitan: The Crown Jewel of Independent Entertainment