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Moe:  What’s up Harmony Le Fly!  I gotta get right to it.  You’re definitely driving in your own lane.  I know you reppin’ New Jersey all day long.  Is that where you grew up?

Le Fly:  Moe!  What’s up!  And yup!  Brick City Ghostown representa, 973, 862 (laughs). I was born in Rockledge, Florida, moved up to Irvington, New Jersey around 1999, and it was me and Jersey from there. 

Moe:  Where did the name Harmony Le Fly originate from? 

Le Fly: Dope question.  So when I was 14, my first music manager called me Harmony because I used to enjoy harmonizing in the background of every song that was recorded.  Le Fly comes from my boy Rocket Le Fly from Hillside NJ. I don’t know, I thought the name was dope. I asked can I use it (laughs). He said yeah and Harmony Le Fly was born that day (laughs).

Moe:  I was doing research and I can’t pin point one specific genre that defines you. How do you define your music style? 

Le Fly: Nice question, because half the time I don't even know (laughs).  I'm just a songwriter.  I would say I would like to call it Futuristic R&B.  A blend of Ambient and Electronic sounds with a drip of R&B to it.  Very spacey.  I go so hard on trying to push the genre.  I don’t want to sound like anybody else but myself.  Be yourself.  Firm believer of that. 

Moe:   Who are your musical influences? 

Le Fly: Aww, man (laughs).  Bobby Valentino, Pretty Ricky,  Marques Houston,  Omarion, Prince,  New Edition, Chico Debarge, Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Marilyn Manson (laughs).  Yeah, man, I'm all over, but def. 

Moe:  How would you define the music scene coming out of New Jersey? 

Le Fly: Jersey is on the verge of finding our own swag.  I quote what my boy FatboySse said. Where we are from, we’re so close to NYC that we get overlooked all the time. When you think of the north, your automatic attention is NYC.  NYC radio stations are predominately playing NYC artists, so we have to push super hard with the grind. There's so many dope artists and so much artistry coming out of Jersey.  So many artists are in their own lane.  In Jersey it's so hard to really describe the sound but those Jersey artists want it. That's why JerseyFornia was made. To distinguish ourselves from the rest on the East Coast.

Moe:  Jerseyfornia is so hype and so different.  What does Jerseyfornia mean from your artistic point of view? 

Le Fly:  I use to lived in California for two years. Sacremento, Elk Grove life.  Jersey is similar to Cali in a way. Really chilled state compared to NYC, just like Cali, and property taxes are high just like Cali as well (laughs).  I thought maybe if I put two in one, it'll birth a different sound and look for us. Everything I do is for the Jersey music scene, especially Newark’s underground music scene. Jerseyfornia is a cool, relaxed, enjoyable, sit back and chill type song. 

Moe:  Is Jerseyfornia a single or is it part of a past, current or future project? 

Le Fly:  It's a single for the summer.  Hopefully in August we will be shooting a music video to it before Jersey summer is over.  It's part of my fourth mixtape debuting this winter called, “#Oasis,” so, yeah, double promo is coming soon.  I have a lot of work to do.

Moe:  I saw on your promo for Jerseyfornia an image of the city of New Jersey and marijuana plants in the background.  Then, I saw on a recent post of yours that you are moving to Colorado soon.  Are you interested in marijuana on an entrepreneurial level, or am I just reaching (laughs)? 

Le Fly:  Honestly I used to smoke a lot (laughs).  I don't anymore really because of my job, but I'm still an advocate of it.  I see nothing wrong with a little herb love unless your job doesn't accept it (laughs).  I'm about my money.  The Colorado move is more of a new beginning culture shock thing for me.  All my life I grew up on the East.  I just wanna try something different. 

Moe:  If indeed you are moving to Colorado, are you planning on still pursuing music while living there?  If so, what kind of music scene is there? 

Le Fly:  Hell yeah!  One thing about me is I don't do music for money it's all love for me. Just to be in the booth recording is like mental relaxation you know.  I'll be 15 hours away from California and close to Nevada.  Le Fly music will be heard one day across the world!  I really don't know what type of music scene is out there but I will adapt as much as I have to.  I'm getting hyped even talking about it (laughs).  

Moe:  What do you consider the best thing about being a music artist?

Le Fly: The getaway.  What I mean is just directing your attention on your art.  When that happens you get taken away to a world of your own. You can create from your thoughts, away from this world, just you and music. That's why my next mixtape is called, “#Oasis.” Your own world. 

Moe:  What and where was the most hype performance you have ever had?

Le Fly:  Aww, man!  So, long ago somewhere in Jersey where I was promoting a song the bass was so much people couldn't help but dance.  Such a long time ago.  In reality, I suck at performing.  I mean,  I’m very good with stage presence,  I’d just rather be in the booth, drop music and dominate the social media scene.  I'm going to have to start performing again soon though. I enjoy networking.  I don’t know.  I guess now-a-days everything is a competition and I'm in my own lane. 

Moe:  Do you have any psycho fans?  If so, how do you deal with it? 

Le Fly: Honestly no. They are cool.  I guess it hasn't started yet for me (laughs). The psycho fans (laughs).

Moe:  In the past, you have done various forms of music.  Some of it has been a little on the sexy side.  Do you enjoy experimenting with various styles of music and do you have a preference?

Le Fly: Yeah.  I def enjoy versatility.  My past music was when I was very young (laughs).  I've matured so much now (laughs).  I call that my Pretty Ricky days (laughs). Yeah.  I really enjoy electronic, ambient, punk rock, hip hop, alternative, and R&B music. All that makes my music what it is now.  I'm in the sexy side, but not as much as I used to.  I’ve been through life a lot now.   There’s way more to write about that can probably help people get through their day. I really wanna push love more.  We need more love music, and that's what, “#Oasis,” is about. 

Moe:  What does music mean to you as an art form?

Le Fly:  A getaway (laughs).  It's hard for me to say anything else, but that’s because that's all music has been to me my whole life.  

Moe:  What do you want to achieve with your music? 

Le Fly:  A higher vibration.  I want to reach levels, meet new people,  travel the world,  meet new friends, live life with my music.

Moe:  Describe yourself as a brand. 

Le Fly:  Deep question.  I never thought of that one.  In three to four words, I would say, consistent, spiritual, vibrant, open to the world, versatile, diverse (laughs).  That's more than three to four (laughs). 

Moe:  As a man, outside of the music scene, what do you wish to accomplish as a human being?

Le Fly:  Nirvana.  Non-stop happiness.  I want to vibrate high that's all.  I really love being happy.

Moe:  What would you like for people to know about you?

Le Fly:  My music isn't the norm. When you listen to my music always come in with an open mind. I'm different in every way. At least I try to be.

Moe:  How can people contact you and follow you on Social Media? 

Le Fly: Yes.
Instagram: HarmonyLeflyisDope

Moe:  Life advice.  Do you have any? 

Le Fly: Live life and take advice.  Don't think you know everything.  Life is about learning and this world is the class.

Moe:  Any final remarks? 

Le Fly:  Shout outs to everybody that's been rockin’ with me for a while now. With you guys’ help, we can bring a new R&B sound. I love you all.  I do it for you gals and guys. Jersey 973 stand up!

Moe:  It’s been a pleasure. 













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